Marketing on behalf of others

Marketing on behalf of others


Marketing activity for others


Marketing to others is a profitable activity. It promotes the development of others' businesses in a legal way; In order to thrive, laws were enacted to ensure the success of the marketing activities of others; You must be proficient in managing websites and hiring a team responsible for the job to manage the site, so that the team includes the site’s marketing officer, so that he is able to manage the project and its promotional advertising activities, and also has the ability to buy and sell while ensuring an increase in purchasing power and an increase in the percentage of wholesale purchase, Increase the percentage of sales.

Formulating a marketing strategy is important, depending on the issues that help in defining the different market segments and target groups, as well as the necessity of defining the language to speak to the target audience. . 
Providing services with little competition that depend on studying the market from different directions and understanding the direction of the target.
Create a unique personality for a unique service: The consumer price is very low, and it is difficult to find it only through a marketing agent.
Create a plan to ensure customer loyalty without switching to other products to ensure that the percentage of product disposals is increased.


Marketing concept on behalf of others


Marketing activity for others Working in marketing for others has become one of the most popular works that are carried out through means of communication, and it is the most attractive means besides that it is profitable. Its idea is to promote the marketing of others’ products by multiple means that he chooses by himself, provided that he receives commissions from the product or from the service owner for each sale. Laws were enacted to control it and to guarantee the rights of all.


To ensure the success of the marketing activity for others: – You must be able to supervise and manage websites, and employ a team that deals with the site skillfully and with the supervisor of this work, so that the group includes a marketing official for the site to be able to supervise and promote the project’s advertising campaigns, In addition to achieving the ability to purchase, and increase the percentage of sales while ensuring the increase in purchasing power and the level of wholesale purchase, the profit from practicing this activity will be undoubtedly large and encourage commission marketing work (for minorities).


Marketer's Success in Marketing to Others


1: the first method

Building a mailing list for the target customer is one of the important ways through which customers can provide customers with the latest information about the product or services you are promoting, and the list is characterized by a low cost that attracts visitors to a simple and attractive page in which information about the product you are marketing is explained and available to them as soon as they enter the email with all A customer who is automatically registered in the database and then can communicate with these customers on an ongoing basis.

2: The second method

The strategy is to use the blog in the process of advertising for the services and products you are marketing for, where a brief explanation of the product is given, with a brief description of its specifications.

3: The third method

The use of paid click services. The investor chooses the short word for the site that will be designed for marketing, and here is paid per click. Each click means a new visitor to the site. This method is not free. Be careful when choosing an advertising word because it is different in cost.

التسويق للغير

The most important conditions for opening a commercial registry for marketing to others


1: In the case of requesting a permit for the activity in which you wish to participate, the permit must be issued before receiving the registration. A woman, like a man, can obtain a commercial registration for work.

2: On the main page, we click on the “Login to the System” button. If you already have an account, you can log into your account directly or click the “Sign Up” button, create a new account and then log into your account. On the first page of Create Third Party Marketing Companies, you will be asked to enter the trade name through three options “Personal Trade Name, Reserved Trade Name and New Trade Name”. On the same page you need to choose the type of business, and there are some activities that require a license to be able to conduct them such as animal husbandry or farming.

3: Issuing the business record without any solution, first enter the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

4: That the applicant be a Saudi national. Non-Saudis are not allowed to open a business record on their behalf, with the exception of a foreign investor who has obtained approval from the Investment Authority to conduct business in the United Kingdom.

6: Then we move to the fiscal year data that contains “time of registration, capital,” then enter the postal address of the facility “neighborhood, street, phone number.” The address of the facility can be entered at the bottom of the map.

5- Then enter the details of the trade name with “type of record and type of activity”.

7- Next, enter the contact information.

Marketing contract on behalf of others

Marketing to others is a service that includes the promotion of different types of products, goods or services, and specialized employees can be contracted to promote products and goods or to promote sales through electronic portals, providing products and their specifications The picture is attached as a small item in exchange for the first owner’s commission The following is a form of a signed marketing contract with the others.

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