Administrative services activities

Administrative services activities


Conditions for grouping activities in administrative organization


Facilitate oversight

When dividing the aspects of the activity, it is preferable to take into account the element of facilitating control. Control is to ensure that what has been implemented matches the approved plan. One of the things that simplifies the control process is the grouping of data that are similar in purpose under the responsibility of one manager, such as grouping transportation and storage operations under the responsibility of one employee; Because the two activities aim to deliver the goods to the consumer, the employees that are supervised by one manager are also gathered in one location. Reducing costs: Creating a department for each activity of the organization increases costs in it, so grouping similar activities reduces costs, for example, that papers are collected in a small organization in incoming mail, outgoing mail and archives, and thus we save costs by appointing heads of these departments.


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The main objective of the organization is to unify the efforts of the employees and link them with each other in order to achieve the goals, and until this is achieved there should be no conflict between the efforts made by the employees, which is evidence of good coordination. The administrator, when assembling or dividing activities, is keen to achieve integrated coordination between the parts of the organization.


Ensure proper attention is given to important work 

When the work is important in the organization, this calls for its separation from other activities, the placement of this activity in a single department or separate administrative division. If this work is very important to the success of the organization in carrying out its activities, it is considered a justification for placing it at a higher administrative level in the organizational structure. For example, if the activity is very important, we link it to the director of the organization directly, but if it is of lesser importance, we can combine it with another activity in one department, and the goal is to give each activity what it deserves attention.


Take advantage of specialization

Specialization achieves many advantages for the organization, as specialization increases skill, reduces cost, raises production, raises the quality of the service or the commodity and improves the quality of service.

انشطة الخدمات الادارية

human resource management jobs

1: That the work and employment system be compatible with the laws in the country.

2: Setting standards that consolidate the company’s culture and the way it works, starting with the work environment itself, and regulating interactions between employees according to certain moral values ​​and objectives.

3: Human resources work to take over the relationship between employees and some of them, as well as between them and managers, in a way that ensures smooth interaction, and ensures that they feel satisfied with their jobs and tasks, and the ability to solve any problem that arises in the work environment, even if it is personal and affects the employee alone.

4: The human resources department determines the organization’s needs of employees and workers, by developing a recruitment plan that indicates the gaps within each sector or department, and the specifications of the employee needed by this department after communicating with all managers, with the ability to develop a strategy for exploitation and optimal dealing with talented employees and excellence.

5: Many consider human resources to be responsible for employee satisfaction, and in Google, employees in this department are promoted as "champions of a joyful culture." Therefore, the human resources department must work to ensure that employees feel satisfied with their tasks, and strive for Getting rid of their negative feelings about what they are doing, if any, in order to ensure their enthusiasm to come to work, and their ability to give and be productive.

6: The Human Resources Department grants privileges to talented employees, who carry out their tasks diligently, and is also responsible for penalties (which many do not like), papers related to government transactions and taxes, as well as promotion.

7: The Human Resources Department helps to create a successful business plan for the company or institution, and to follow up on its implementation, since the employees in this department have an overview of the organizational structure of the company, starting with the available resources and the way in which they are managed, as well as following up on its achievement of the desired results.

8: One of the things that actually works to develop the company is that the Human Resources Department adopts training and workshops that develop employees’ skills and increase their experiences, so it sets a training plan for each department with its most important needs to be able to keep pace and compete as well.

9: A healthy work environment, which takes into account the physical and psychological health of employees, is one of the most important tasks carried out by the Human Resources Department. It guarantees all employees offices and workplaces in accordance with recognized health and safety standards, and strives to develop these standards.


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