Providing business advice

Providing business advice


Business management features

Business Administration is one of the majors that attracts many students. Since it is a specialization related to corporate management and its continuity, and the material returns from specialization are good. Recently, the average annual income of a specialist in business administration has witnessed a remarkable increase, which means the importance of specialization and the increase in demand for it.

The importance of business management

The business administration major is one of the disciplines that expresses the mechanism of operations, tasks, and activities that regulate business of all kinds, such as the work of government institutions and establishments in the administrative and organizational departments, and all organizations that need regulation, control, planning, supervision, leadership and follow-up. It pertains to many fields, such as management, marketing, finance, human resources, and accounting.

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The most important departments of business administration

Public Relations: The activities conducted by the organization to familiarize people with the nature of its work using various means, in order to develop the company's performance.

Marketing: It includes the activities carried out by the company in order to identify the target group of customers.

Advertising or marketing: It includes promoting the services and products offered by the company, as well as advertising methods.

Finance: It is concerned with the financial matters of the company.

Logistics Operations: It is responsible for the flow of goods, products and resources.

Human Resources: It is concerned with the human factor in managing everything related to financial matters, such as profits and losses and capital.

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Business success steps


When investing money in a project, it must be employed in a good way to achieve the highest profit from it, and not put it in any field or any business, because surely if you do this, you will lose this money for not investing it well in the right and studied field.


competition management

To have the ability to study well the market surrounding you and know what the customer needs and manufacture it in your organization better than your competitors in order to get the highest percentage of customers and then achieve a high profit rate and this is the purpose of business management in the end.



One of the first steps of management, the most important of which is the planning process, you must plan well for your business and identify alternative plans, while the basic plan fails due to any emergency circumstances, and this comes through a good vision, and a good vision comes from the way of making the necessary studies for the market in which you will compete with your business that you will manage Therefore, you must make a careful study of all the aspects that affect these works and determine the good vision on which you will build your current plans. After preparing the plans, you must write the means and factors that will help you to complete the plans, and then the first step will succeed well, which is the planning process.



The administrative work must be followed up through the reports written by the supervisors for each part, and then communicated to the higher management that analyzes these reports and decides if there are shortcomings and negatives that must be modified or the management process is going well, and these reports can be weekly, monthly or daily on As determined by the administration.



You must direct all the resources and resources you have to achieve your goals, and you must also direct the employees in your organization or project to the right path and how to work well to achieve the goals that were set in the plans in the first step.



This step is summed up in the lack of randomness in which you run your business and your employees, so everything related to business must be arranged and organized, including the timing of work and the laws that employees follow. Organizing is one of the most important steps that can lead you to a good and successful management work.

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