Building maintenance activities

Building maintenance activities


Classification of maintenance work

Routine maintenance.

Preventive maintenance.

Therapeutic maintenance.

special maintenance.


Building maintenance goals

To keep the structure in good and healthy condition.

To prevent the decay of the structure caused by the harmful effects of weathering agencies.

To prevent serious damage to buildings.

To strengthen structures or to keep the structure level.

To make some necessary improvements in the building so that it can do its job properly.

To maintain the utility value.

To increase the durability of the structure.

To enhance the serviceability of the structure.

To improve facilities depending on the modernization of that area.


To avoid crisis maintenance by doing regular and planned maintenance program.

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Factors affecting the repair and maintenance of the building


The future use of the structure

The future use of the building must be considered before carrying out any repair and maintenance work. The extent of repair and timing of maintenance work must be duly considered.


Weather conditions

Weather conditions are the main factor affecting repair and maintenance and if the weather conditions are polluted, i.e. acidic, repair and maintenance of the building is required periodically in a short period.


Cost applicable to the manufacture of the building

The cost of wells applied to the manufacture of the building is also the main factor to consider. More cost applied while manufacturing more will be construction age. This means that a building made of high-quality materials will require less repair and maintenance.


construction age

The age of the building is the most important factor and this factor is mainly responsible for the building repair and maintenance requirements. As the age of the building increases, more repair and maintenance is required. As each building material has its own lifespan after which the material undergoes undesirable changes and these changes make the building weak and breakdowns occur in the building.


Availability of resources

Repair and maintenance of the building can be done easily if the resources are readily available. These resources include labour, materials, equipment, etc.

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